POS Integrations

A PMS-POS integration automates the process of posting restaurant charges to guest folios, improving accuracy and efficiency. The POS queries the PMS in real time to verify guest status and room number and then automatically posts the charge to the guest folio.

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The Quick Guide to PMS Integration

Data integration has always been a core concept of hotel property management systems (PMS). From front desk to housekeeping to accounting, the PMS connects hotel departments and serves as a central point of control, automating processes and

Spend Easy

How to Get Guests to Spend More at Your Hotel

Knowing your target market, crushing your marketing strategy, and providing the right kind of monetized amenities and services are essential for getting your hotel guests to spend more, but there’s another important part of the equation—the right

Restaurant Guests

PMS and POS Integration for Smoother Sales & Happier Guests

Integration of core hotel systems is key to streamlining daily operations and enhancing the guest experience. Thanks to cloud technology, system integration is easier, faster and more effective than ever, empowering hotels to automate processes for improved