Did You Know? WebRezPro Allows You to Create Allocated Rates

Did You Know

The hospitality industry is all about offering unique and superior services. That’s why we work hard to ensure WebRezPro Property Management System has the flexibility required for you to go above and beyond for your guests. Do you have negotiated rates with corporate accounts? Consider using the Allocated Rates feature in order to simplify the booking process for your corporate clients.

What are Allocated Rates?

Allocated Rates allow you to take rooms out of inventory—without booking them—and offer them exclusively to a selected corporate account, for a particular period. This allocation allows you to guarantee inventory for this company during the desired period and allows you to designate a release date after which they lose exclusive rights to book the allocated rooms. It is a more-general form of group allocations, useful for those cases where you are making many allocations over extended periods of time for one company.

How to Setup Allocated Rates

To set this up click “Rates,” then “Negotiated Rates.” Navigate to the “Options” menu and select “Create allocation.” Fill out the name and descriptions of the rate as normal. When you get to “Choose allocation method” you can select whether you wish to allocate specific units or just certain numbers of a unit type. Once you make a choice here, you should setup this rate as normal, making sure to select the corporate account of the company you want to give access to this rate under “Rate access” in section #1.
Once you save and click the back arrow, you then need to click the “Allocation” link next to the rate you’ve just created. From here, click “Add an availability entry” and choose the first dates you want to allocate.
If needed, choose a number in this menu: “Number of days prior to arrival that allocation is released.” This selection is the date after which the units become available for public bookings.
Then, in section #2 choose how many of each unit type you want to allocate. Or, if you are allocating specific units, highlight those room numbers you want to include. Hold down “Ctrl” on your keyboard (or “command” if on a Mac) while clicking, to select multiple rooms.  Then save, click the back arrow, and click “Add a day entry.” You will then be able to add the price as usual.
You now have an allocated rate. You can add other allocations for other dates on this rate by clicking “Add an availability entry” and repeating the process.
The Allocated Rates feature is a great way to handle negotiated rates with corporate clients, without worrying about leaving rooms unbooked. For further questions, please contact Support.