Guest Self Check-In

Faster. Safer. Smarter.

Self check-in (also called online or contactless check-in) is in high demand for both lodging operators and their guests. Not only does it speed up the check-in process, but it also facilitates social distancing and reduces staffing overhead. At WebRezPro, self check-in centers around what we call Guest Agreements. These mobile-optimized registration cards define the terms of stay between the lodging operator and the guest. Keep reading to learn how WebRezPro’s Guest Agreements can save you time and money, while drastically improving the overall guest experience!

Hotel Self Check In
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Guest self check-in (also known as contactless check-in) bypasses all of these steps at the physical front desk of a hotel, resort, B&B, vacation rental, etc. Guests receive an email or text message before their arrival, inviting them to complete registration online. All information that is traditionally gathered at the front desk by your staff is easily entered by the guest. Upon arrival, guests simply collect their room key from the front desk, unless they have already received their mobile smart key via online messaging.

Streamline front desk operations
Offering self-check-in to guests is a set-and-forget automation that, once set up, sends guests timely email invitations to check themselves in at no extra effort on your (or your staff’s) part. 

Better physical distancing
Self-check-in is still the best way to reduce in-person contact and inhibit the spread of all kinds of germs and viruses. For this reason, self-check-ins provide a level of comfort and security.

Faster for guests
Getting a guest to the comfort of their room as soon as possible is especially important for those guests that have traveled far and long, or for those traveling with kids.

Hotel Self Check-In: Terms of Stay

1. Create a guest agreement

We’ve designed guest agreements with flexibility in mind. Virtually all elements are customizable to fit your needs.

Email Agreement to Guest

2. Send the agreement to the guest

Once a guest agreement is created, it may be sent to the guest in the following ways:

3. Guest agrees to terms

Upon receipt of an agreement, the guest accepts the terms and fulfills any other requirements. These may include:

Agreement Attached to Room Reservation

4. Agreement is attached to the reservation

Mobile Key for Guest Rooms

5. Do more with lock & payment integrations