Hotel Housekeeping Software

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Never miss a spot (or a room!) with WebRezPro’s up-to-the-minute, responsive hotel housekeeping software. Organizing and tracking all housekeeping responsibilities, our housekeeping report makes scheduling duties and staff a breeze.

Housekeeping Software for Hotels
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Software Overview

Integrated with front office, the housekeeping report displays room status and occupancy in real time, streamlining internal communications for improved productivity and guest service.

With a simple, modern layout, the housekeeping report is easy to read and understand, providing users with a complete overview of room status at a glance.

Rooms can be updated unit-by-unit, or update multiple rooms at once. With a single click, your housekeeping report can be sorted by unit number, unit type, room status, housekeeping zone or occupancy.

Easily assign and edit housekeeping zones and print schedules for housekeepers—or housekeepers can view and update their schedule on the go from their mobile device by viewing the housekeeping report in the mobile-friendly tile format.

Unit Status Display

Unit status summaries provide an instant reference to the total number of dirty, clean, inspected, in service, and do-not-disturb rooms across the property.

Housekeeping Zones

Group individual units together to create housekeeping zones that can be easily edited and assigned to housekeeping personnel.

Bulk Actions

Change the room status or housekeeping zone for multiple units at once using the Bulk Actions menu.


The table-formatted report can be sorted by unit number, room status, unit type, occupancy and more by simply clicking on the appropriate column header.


The keyword filter search box allows you to search for specific items in the report, for example, a unit type, room status, guest name, housekeeping zone, or a specific housekeeping note.

Housekeeper Checklists

Housekeeping checklists can be created for each unit type, helping to ensure properties maintain the high standard of cleanliness and safety demanded by today’s guests. Checklists can be divided into sections (e.g. Bathroom, Bed, Living), and tasks assigned to each section.

Dual Format

The housekeeping report is viewable in two formats:

Table format is best for viewing on a computer screen, ideal for scheduling housekeeping duties and getting a property-wide view of room status.

Tile format is best for viewing on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, perfect for housekeepers updating room status on the go.

Room Notes

Two types of housekeeping notes for individual units can be added directly to the report: temporary notes are only displayed for a single day, and permanent notes are displayed until removed by staff.

Maintenance Alarms

Maintenance Alarm Hotels

Maintenance alarms and notes can be added to any unit, and alarm status set as active, in progress or completed.