WebRezPro’s Top 5 Hotel Blog Posts of 2020

Top 5 Blog Posts

What a year. The COVID-19 pandemic has been the most disruptive event the modern hotel industry has ever seen. While countries closed their borders, we’ve come together as a global community like never before. Among our clients, we’ve seen an inspirational level of adaptability, creativity and resolve—characteristics that will remain essential going forward. As we bid good riddance to 2020, it’s important to look back on what we’ve learned from the challenges we’ve faced so far—and to use that knowledge and experience to put our best foot forward in 2021.

So, for our last post of the year, we’re taking a look back on our top five blog posts of 2020. Unsurprisingly, our blog this year has been focused on navigating hotel operations during COVID-19. Our most-read articles show us that optimizing technology and maintaining the customer experience during this challenging time were top of mind for hoteliers. Did you catch them all?

5. Hotel Digital Marketing Tips for the COVID-19 Recovery

Published in July, as lockdowns started to lift and domestic travelers began to venture out, this blog post explored strategies for marketing to local consumers and for staying visible and relevant despite weak demand. Covering staycation packages, distribution strategy, SEM, email communications, social media content, online reputation management, video ideas and website tips, this article outlines various ways hotels can increase their share of existing demand—and continues to be relevant today as travel is still largely restricted. Read the full article >>

4. Hotel Guest Expectations in a Post-COVID-19 World

For travel providers and lodging operations, the pandemic has perhaps forever changed customer expectations and needs. Understanding customer needs as they evolve is important for maximizing occupancy and revenue. Our fourth most-read blog post this year takes a look at significant changes in guest expectations and demand that emerged in a post-COVID-19 world, including domestic demand, health and safety measures, booking flexibility, and sustainability. Hoteliers that can meet evolving guest expectations and demand will win loyal customers. Read the full article >>

3. Managing Hotel Reservations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our third most-read blog post, published in late March, was written to help guide hoteliers with recommendations on how to use their property management system to best manage reservations, cancellations, close-outs and customer communications during the initial lockdown phase. As COVID-19 hit hard and fast and left many of us reeling, this blog post aimed to provide practical, helpful tips that could be immediately applied to navigate operations during those uncharted times—and now again, with the second wave of lockdowns. Read the full article >>

2. A Guide to Mobile Keys for Independent Hotels

Published just before COVID-19 turned our lives upside down, our second most-read article of 2020 addressed mobile key technology for independent lodging operations—how it works, and how it benefits the guest experience, hotel operations, and the planet. Facilitating a convenient, efficient and personalized check-in process, improved security, and cost savings, keyless access solutions are even more relevant now as the pandemic has accelerated guest demand for contactless hotel services and tech-driven personalization. Read the full article >>

1. How Hotels Can Come Out Stronger from COVID-19

As travel restrictions persist, we need to stay positive and focused on the horizon. Our most-read blog post of the year provides suggestions on how lodging operators can take advantage of forced downtime to reflect on their business and make improvements that will aid in a fast recovery. From communications and hotel technology to staffing and expense analysis, this article highlights key areas to review and improve to maximize operations and revenue now and in the future. Read the full article >>

Thank you for reading! As a hotel technology partner, we feel proud to work with lodging operators who have shown such resilience in the face of the pandemic and the profound challenges it has brought upon our industry. We hope you have found our blog helpful and encouraging as we all learn to navigate our new reality, and we look forward to continuing to address the topics that matter to hoteliers in 2021. Have a safe and happy holiday season!