Boost occupancy this season with value-added packages!

Slashing room rates may seem like a sure-fire way to fill rooms, but it could actually have the opposite effect. When dropping prices, you have to be careful not to undermine your hotel’s credibility. While price is a major motivator for travelers, it’s not the only stimulus for a sale. Everyone knows you get what you pay for. Today’s savvy travelers are looking for value for money.

Strategically discounted rates do have a place in a successful marketing plan; discounts for corporate clients and groups, etc., discounted nights during a stay, and midweek specials are all good reservation drivers. However, value-added packages have the power to generate real excitement about your property. Not only do package deals offer guests greater value for money, but they can also help to highlight your hotel’s strengths, features and location.

Bed-and-breakfast and romance packages are common examples of value-added specials, but you can really get creative to make your property stand out from the rest. If your hotel offers additional services like dining and spa services, package them together with accommodation for a really great deal that encourages guests to utilize those services (when they may otherwise have not). Seasonal packages combining local activities or events with accommodation can highlight your location and even your property’s personality, as well as get guests really excited about their stay. Even a package that simply offers a room upgrade can give you the advantage over your closest competitor. Think about who your guests are, and tailor packages for them.

One of WebRezPro Property Management System’s greatest strengths is the unmatched flexibility of its rates and packages setup feature. With WebRezPro even the most complex packages can be set up easily and logically. In addition to an unlimited number of rate changes during the year with “day-of-week” pricing and daily overrides, WebRezPro provides a variety of rate setup options that allow you to tailor packages to your property’s specific marketing and accounting requirements. Some of these options include:

>> Limit package access to certain clients

>> Apply booking restrictions (min/max length of stay, booking time restrictions, etc.)

>> Choose to offer the package online or not

>> Set online-only specials

>> Set up discounted or free nights of a stay

>> Apply packages, rates, discounts or add-ons to certain room types only

>> Easily track multiple package components to different revenue accounts

>> Override standard cancellation and guarantee policies to accommodate rate-specific policies

With WebRezPro your package setup options are virtually unlimited. So get creative and build unique packages that will boost occupancy and make your property stand out. And don’t forget to promote those special deals on your website — WebRezPro’s online booking engine can sell them all!