Vrbo Integration Specs


Setting up your Vrbo integration

Welcome! If you’re looking for information about setting up your WebRezPro/Vrbo integration, then you’ve come to the right place. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact our support department.

How does the integration work?

The process of setting up a Vrbo integration is a little different from other OTA/GDS integrations. Most noticeable is that Vrbo listings are created and managed from within WebRezPro — and not on the OTA (Vrbo) side.

This structure has little impact if you are new to Vrbo, but will affect properties that already have Vrbo listings. These properties will be required to create new listings, in WebRezPro, that will replace their existing Vrbo listings. Keep in mind that data from the original listings, such as reservations, rankings and reviews, can be attached to the new Vrbo listings, so important historical information will remain intact.

WebRezPro System Requirements

The Vrbo integration requires the following: 

  • The property must be using WebRezPro version 10.5.28.
  • The property must have a guarantee and cancellation policy attached to the Vrbo rate. This can be the property’s default guarantee and cancellation policy or a custom guarantee and cancellation policy.
    • Please note: the cancellation policy must have a cancellation cut-off time.
  • We recommend the property use an integrated payment gateway such as Shift4, USA ePay or Tenerum.

Creating Vrbo listings

  • Properties will create Vrbo listings (in WebRezPro) for each unit type they would like to offer via the integration. As mentioned above, this includes properties that already have Vrbo listings.
  • Listings are activated and modified in the integrations admin area of WebRezPro (settings > interfaces > GDS-VRBO).
  • When adding photos, we recommend uploading two (2) photos at a time.
  • Save new or modified Vrbo listings by clicking on the ‘Update GDS/OTA Interface‘ button at the bottom of the page. This should be done within 30 minutes of opening the form or the page will timeout, resulting in the loss of unsaved data.

In addition to rates and availability, the following data fields are available:

  • Mailing address
  • Map point placement (latitude/longitude)
  • Property name
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Property amenities
  • Bedroom and bathroom details
  • Cleaning fee
  • Registration number & expiry date (if applicable)
  • Rental agreement PDF
  • Photos

The above information is added and modified by clicking on the ‘update listing’ link for the applicable unit type (settings > interfaces > GDS-VRBO).

  • Credit card information will be sent through with the reservation and appear as a card on file.
  • Reservations made through Vrbo prior to the integration being enabled, which had the first payment processed through Vrbo, will have all subsequent payments processed through Vrbo.

    For example, reservation #123 was made June 1st for arrival Aug 10th and had a deposit of 50% charged through Vrbo with the remaining balance due 7 days prior to arrival. The integration went live June 4th. Payment #1 (50% deposit) was processed through Vrbo, so the second/final payment for the remaining balance will be processed through Vrbo at the scheduled time.

    The property will be notified via email when the final payment has been taken. The property will also have access to this information through the Vrbo dashboard.

The integration supports a single rate plan code: BAR

Vrbo does not accept same day cancellations. Cancellations must be made at least one (1) day prior to the arrival date of the reservation.

  • The integration does not combine pre-existing Vrbo listings with the new listings created when the integration is turned on.
  • New listings will replace existing listings.
  • Reservations, rankings and reviews can be attached to the new listings.

Properties with existing Vrbo accounts can have reservations, reviews and rankings transferred to the new listings that are created when the integration goes live. This is done by the property and Vrbo after the integration setup is complete and the integration has been turned on in WebRezPro.

  • The integration does not support locations.
  • Vrbo and WebRezPro are connected using the WebRezPro property ID, so properties must have one Vrbo account and one WebRezPro system.
  • If a property has multiple accounts with Vrbo, they will need to choose which account will be used for the integration and then contact Vrbo to merge the other accounts into the main account.

Vrbo defaults to sending emails to guests that book through their system. Properties can reach out to Vrbo if they would like to change this setting.

  • Sure! Properties can add additional listings to Vrbo after the integration has been enabled.
  • It may take up to 24 hours for new listings to appear on Vrbo.