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WebRezPay Payment Processing

Simplify payments for guests and staff with WebRezPay.

Welcome to WebRezPay, an integrated payments processing solution offered by WebRezPro property management system. Perfect for hotels, vacation rentals, campgrounds, and more, WebRezPay offers seamless and secure transactions backed by a dedicated payments support team. Please refer to third-party integrations (below) for alternative/global payment solutions.

Please note: WebRezPay is currently available in the United States only.

Transparent pricing
Interchange Plus pricing model
WebRezPro PMS integration
Booking hotel online

Secure, automated payment acceptance online and in person.

In-house support
Support team

Fast, simple setup and dedicated ongoing support.

Modern EMV terminals
Equinox credit card terminals

Safer card-present transactions.

Easy PCI compliance

Hassle-free security and peace of mind.

Available to all WebRezPro clients


Already working with a payment processor that you’re happy with? You’re in luck! In addition to WebRezPay, our integrated payments processing solution, WebRezPro offers direct integrations to numerous other payment gateways/processors. The choice is yours!

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