Airbnb Integration Specs


Setting up your Airbnb integration

Welcome! If you’re looking for information about setting up your WebRezPro + Airbnb integration, then you’ve come to the right place. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact our support department.

How does the integration work?

This integration allows your WebRezPro system to send pricing and availability updates directly to Airbnb. The integration will also automatically import your Airbnb reservations into your WebRezPro system.

The integration requires setup in both your Airbnb account and WebRezPro system (please see the overview of integration setup steps below).

WebRezPro System Requirements

The Airbnb integration requires the following: 

  • The property must be using WebRezPro v10.5.28.
  • The property must create a rate that will be used exclusively for the Airbnb integration.


  1. The property creates listings in Airbnb for each unit type that will be offered through the Airbnb integration (see ‘Creating Airbnb Listings’ section below).
  2. In WebRezPro, the property creates a market and source code for Airbnb that will be used for tracking reservations received through the integration.
  3. The property creates a rate in WebRezPro that will be used exclusively for the Airbnb integration.
    > The Airbnb rate can be set up as a standard/package rate or a discount/add-on rate.
    > The availability of the rate must be set to not available to the WebRezPro online booking engine.
    > All unit types attached to the rate must be mapped through the Airbnb/WebRezPro integration.
  4. The property connects their WebRezPro account to Airbnb. This is done within WebRezPro, under Setup > Integrations.
    > The email address and password for the property’s Airbnb account will be required.
  5. On the scheduled live date, the property confirms all listings are showing as ‘connected’ in their Airbnb account. We will then send an update of rates and inventory to Airbnb and the integration will be live.


*If you have existing listings on Airbnb that you want to map through the integration, ensure they comply with the below requirements.*

  • Unit types are mapped one to one. For each unit type in WebRezPro that will be offered through Airbnb, there must be a separate listing in Airbnb.
  • The name of each listing in Airbnb should match the name of the corresponding unit type in WebRezPro.
  • Each listing in Airbnb must have a minimum of seven (7) high resolution images added.
  • Each listing must have pricing added in Airbnb.
    When the integration goes live, WebRezPro will send pricing and availability updates to Airbnb.

All new Airbnb reservations will arrive in WebRezPro’s New Bookings area. Market and source codes are used to automatically track all Airbnb bookings coming through the integration for reporting purposes.

If you see alarms that suggest overbooking or have an “error,” this might indicate Airbnb is submitting reservations requesting rooms or rates that do not match up to what has been mapped in WebRezPro. To prevent overbooking, these alarms need to be dealt with as soon as possible and then simply turned off. If you are unsure about an alarm, please send us the information and we will investigate it for you.

Yes! Availability to Airbnb can be closed out using WebRezPro’s bulk overrides feature. Inventory reductions can be applied using interactive overrides, or via the rate pricing setup. Permanent unit type inventory reductions can be programmed into the integration by WebRezPro Support.

No. The integration only supports a single rate plan. Any changes or overrides applied to your Airbnb rate in WebRezPro will be sent to Airbnb. If the Airbnb rate is a derived rate, pricing and restriction overrides (LOS, CTA/CTD, etc.) applied to the base rate will also be applied to the Airbnb rate.

Yes, to send rack rate pricing to Airbnb, create the Airbnb rate in WebRezPro as a discount/add-on rate and set the percent discount or fixed price adjustment to zero.

By default, WebRezPro sends pricing to Airbnb based on max occupancy. If you want WebRezPro to send pricing based on a fixed occupancy, this can be configured in the integration setup. If pricing is based on a fixed occupancy, extra-person costs must be set up in Airbnb prior to the unit type being connected.

By default, WebRezPro sends before-tax pricing to Airbnb.

If Airbnb will be collecting/remitting some or all taxes, the Airbnb rate is configured in WebRezPro as exempt from all taxes collected/remitted by Airbnb.

If the property is collecting/remitting some or all taxes, the Airbnb rate in WebRezPro is configured to charge the taxes the property is collecting/remitting, and those taxes will be collected within WebRezPro when the reservation is delivered from Airbnb.

Please note: The property must configure all taxes in Airbnb, including those collected/remitted by Airbnb and those collected/remitted by the property. If the property is collecting/remitting one or more taxes, they must enable the pass-through tax feature in Airbnb for all listings.

Yes, a cleaning fee price can be added to the interface setup in WebRezPro. A cleaning fee must be added in Airbnb prior to the cleaning fee being added to the integration setup in WebRezPro. The cleaning fee price entered into the integration setup in WebRezPro will override the cleaning fee price set in Airbnb. The cleaning fee price is only sent to Airbnb when the integration is updated to send the cleaning fee, and is not included in the room cost being sent.

WebRezPro doesn’t send host fee pricing to Airbnb; the host fee is configured in Airbnb only. The host fee can be listed as a separate line item on the reservation in WebRezPro by adding a product/service within the integration setup in WebRezPro, which is used to display the host fee on the reservation.

Yes. If a change needs to be made to a listing in Airbnb, the unit type must first be detached from the integration in WebRezPro, and then reconnected once the changes have been made. Contact WebRezPro Support if you need to make any changes to your Airbnb listings after the integration has gone live and we will assist you with this process.

In most cases, Airbnb will collect payment from the guest, then issue a payment to the property for the reservation. Typically an ‘other payment method’ will be created in WebRezPro for Airbnb that will be used for posting payments to Airbnb reservations. 

Reservation modifications and/or cancellations are made by the guest through Airbnb and then sent through the integration to WebRezPro. When the cancellation/modification arrives in WebRezPro, the reservation will be automatically updated and an availability update will be sent to Airbnb.

By default, modifications/cancellations cannot be made to Airbnb bookings in WebRezPro prior to the arrival date. Changing this setting is not recommended as modifications/cancellations made in WebRezPro are not sent back to Airbnb and can result in overbooking.

By default, confirmation emails are not sent by WebRezPro to Airbnb reservations, however this can be changed in the integration setup in WebRezPro if required. Other automated emails, including pre-arrival, check-in, check-out, and post-stay emails, will be sent to Airbnb reservations from WebRezPro, unless the email template has been set up to exclude the Airbnb rate.