Central Administration Module

Setting up central administration

Welcome! If you’re looking for information about how the Central Administration Module can work for your property group, you’ve come to the right place. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your WebRezPro account executive.

What is the Central Administration Module?

Providing access to real-time data across properties within a hotel group, the Central Administration Module improves business visibility, operational efficiency, and customer service for the entire brand. The Central Administration Module is used by multi-property groups to:

  • Create and manage global / multi-property employee profiles and permissions that allow authorized users to switch between member properties with a single click.
  • Search availability across all member properties.
  • Access real-time performance data across the group (multi-property reporting).
  • Access a centralized guest profile database (optional).

How does it work?

A central admin master system is linked to all member property systems to provide access to the Central Administration menu, from which global / multi-property employee profiles are managed and cross-property data is accessed. The Central Administration menu is also available to employees logged in to a member property using a central admin profile (an employee profile created in the master system).

Central Administration Features

The Central Administration menu includes the following features:

  • Hotel search – An internal availability search that searches availability across all member properties within the hotel group. The search returns all member properties that have availability for the selected dates, and the clerk can select a specific property to view available rooms and rates for that property (property-specific availability opens in a separate tab).

    If the shared guest database is activated, guest profiles are searched across all member properties when a guest name is entered into the hotel search or system search.

    Please note: The hotel search only returns rooms and rates that are available to the WebRezPro online booking engine. Bookings made through the hotel search are processed as online reservations.


  • Employee and security profiles – Employee profiles created via the master system’s Central Administration menu can be assigned access to all or select properties within the group. Security profiles created via the master system’s Central Administration menu are used to determine which member hotels an employee profile has access to.
  • Custom report – The custom report shows booking, room night, adult, child, revenue, ADR, and occupancy totals for member properties and for the group as a whole. It can be generated for any date range and filtered by reservation types, booking status, and employee.
  • Multi-property booking engine integration – The multi-property booking engine link provided by your master system is used to display the multi-property booking engine on the hotel group’s website (and/or on member property websites), allowing guests to search availability across the group and book themselves in.

    It works the same way as the internal hotel search (described above), but can be set up to limit the search to certain member properties.

  • Affiliate properties – Users logged in to any member property with a global / multi-property employee profile have access to the Affiliate Properties screen, which lists all properties accessible by the user and allows them to switch between those properties without having to log in and out of each system. The user simply clicks on a property name to switch immediately to that property’s system.


The Central Administration Module can be purchased when you sign up with WebRezPro for two or more properties, and new properties can be connected as your business grows. Or it can be purchased at a later date and connected to existing properties.

  1. Reach out to your WebRezPro account executive for a demo and pricing information.
  2. Once you have signed up, your central administration master system will be set up and all member hotel systems attached to it.
  3. An onboarding specialist will provide you with instructions on how to log in to your master system to create employee profiles, switch between properties, and add the multi-property booking engine to your hotel group’s website. You will be sent login details for all new member hotels attached to the central administration master system.
  4. Global or multi-property employee profiles must be created in the master system. Employee profiles that only have access to one member property should be created in that member property’s system, not the master system. Employee profiles created in a member hotel will not have access to the Central Administration menu.

    Global / multi-property employee profiles must have unique usernames and passwords that differ from any employee profile created in a member hotel.

  5. You can only be logged in to one WebRezPro account at a time with one web browser. To avoid confusion, you should only have one WebRezPro window/tab open when switching to another hotel. 

Sure can! A customizable report can be generated from the Central Administration menu in the master system or a member property system (as long as the user is logged in with a central admin profile). The report shows booking, room night, adult, child, revenue, ADR, and occupancy totals for member properties and for the group as a whole. It can be generated for any date range and filtered by reservation types, booking status, and employee. It can be generated in HTML or as a CSV file and emailed directly from the system.

Yes and yes. Each member property’s system generates its own booking engine URL that can be added to the property’s own website. The master system generates a multi-property booking engine URL that can be added to the group’s website. The multi-property booking engine can be limited to certain properties if desired.

Yes. Global and multi-property employee profiles can be set up to allow users access to multiple properties with one login. Multi-property employee profiles are created in the master system and attached to a security profile, which determines the properties and tasks the login will have access to.

Guest profiles can be shared between member properties, but this feature is only turned on at the client’s request as it is not required by all property groups. When the shared guest database is enabled, guest contact information is shared between properties to prepopulate the booking form. If a guest has previously stayed at the member hotel the clerk is logged into, the profile can be set to display previous reservations for that property. Currently, reward points are not automatically earned or shared across properties but can be manually updated by hotel employees. Full customer profile information (contact info, previous bookings, credit cards on file, reward points, etc.,) is available for profiles created in the member hotel the user is logged into.

The shared guest database is searched when a hotel employee enters the guest name into the availability search or guest profile search. At this stage, the shared guest database is not available to the online booking engine, but hotel employees can manually attach online reservations to existing guest profiles for repeat guests.