Data import


Importing reservations into WebRezPro

Welcome! If you’re looking for information about importing reservations from your former property management system into your WebRezPro PMS, you’ve come to the right place. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our support department.

What is a data import?

Future reservations can be imported into WebRezPro electronically if the data can be extracted from your former system in a compatible format (Excel or CSV file). This is called a data import and can save you hours of valuable time that would otherwise be spent entering existing reservations into WebRezPro manually.

Data imports are recommended for more than 150 bookings.

WebRezPro automatically creates guest profiles for imported reservations. Guest profiles that are not attached to existing future reservations can also be imported into WebRezPro as long as they can be exported from your former system in a compatible format.

WebRezPro System Requirements

The following system requirements need to be satisfied for a data import:

  • Confirmation of the go-live date for your WebRezPro system (only reservations with a check-in date ON or AFTER the system’s go-live date can be imported).
  • Sufficient completion of system setup (property settings, taxes, accounts, unit inventory, rates, cancellation/booking policies, market/source codes, corporate accounts, reservation options, email templates).
  • An Excel or CSV data import file with the following formatting requirements:
    • Each reservation exists in its own row.
    • Each row/reservation must contain the following information (required fields/columns): confirmation number; first name; last name; arrival date; departure date; unit type or unit number; cost*
      *Cost can be total cost before taxes, total cost after taxes, average nightly rate, etc., but must be consistent.
    • Column headers must have easily identifiable titles.
    • To ensure information is imported correctly, item names and abbreviations contained in the file (e.g., unit numbers, unit type abbreviations, source/market codes, etc.) must match the names/abbreviations set up in WebRezPro.
    • If multiple reservations in the file are attached to a single guest profile, the data import file may need to include guest ID numbers to inform the system to attach those reservations to the same guest profile.

Note: When importing reservations, WebRezPro automatically creates a guest profile for each reservation. If the first and last names and email addresses of multiple reservations are an exact match (including the same formatting and capitalization), the system will automatically attach those reservations to the same guest profile without requiring a unique guest ID.

The data import process

  1. If you would like to request a data import, let your WebRezPro account executive know. They will confirm suitability and cost.
  2. Once your go-live date has been confirmed, your account executive will ask you to email them the data import file (Excel spreadsheet or CSV file). When they receive the file, they will open a support ticket to activate the data import request.
  3. A WebRezPro import specialist will confirm the file is compatible and reach out to you for clarification if needed.
  4. If the file is compatible, we will import a small test batch of reservations into your system and ask you to verify the data has been imported correctly.
  5. If everything looks good, another batch of reservations will be imported for you to review. Importing test batches of data helps ensure accuracy.
  6. If the second batch of reservations was imported successfully, a final data import will be completed for the remaining reservations.

It depends on the clarity of data provided. For example, if reservation add-ons are not included in the data file, cost and tax inaccuracies can result. Such obstacles (which are hard to predict and are the reason for the initial test batches) require further communication with the client to clarify and troubleshoot the issue, delaying the process. The clearer the data, the faster the data import process (usually within a week).

Your go-live date can change during the test batch import process but must be confirmed before the final data import.

The total amount paid on a reservation will be imported as a single cash/cheque payment posting. If a refund for a credit card payment on an imported reservation needs to be processed after the data import, you will need to process it through your payment processor, then manually post the refund in WebRezPro.

WebRezPro automatically creates guest profiles for reservations imported from your old system. If you want to import profiles that are not attached to existing future reservations or that contain information (e.g., notes about the guest) that is not included in the reservation data import file, you will need to provide a separate data import file for guest profiles.

Most clients export historical reservations from their former system and save them for their records outside of the PMS. It is not common to import historical reservations. However, if this is a requirement for you, please let your WebRezPro account executive know.

Yes. Your WebRezPro account executive can provide you with a quote after discussing your needs.