From Front Desk to Front Door: Mobilize Your PMS

Mobile PMS

Travelers have taken to the mobile Web with vigor; nearly 60 percent of business travelers and 40 percent of leisure travelers draw on the convenience of researching online travel information on the go via their mobile devices. Mobile websites and mobile booking engines are now an important part of a hotel’s marketing strategy and, as hoteliers are quick to realize, mobile technology can also play a key role in operations. Providing on-the-go access to housekeeping and maintenance reports, guest requests and even the check-in process, a mobile PMS frees hotel staff from the front desk, improving efficiency and customer service and, thereby, increasing guest satisfaction and revenue.
Here’s even more good news; if you are managing (or thinking about managing) your hotel with a cloud-based PMS you are already ahead of the game—cloud software and mobile technology go hand in hand and cloud PMS vendors are already optimizing user interfaces and functionality for the small screens of mobile devices. Want to know more about how mobilizing your PMS can benefit your hotel? Read our latest white paper about mobile hotel management systems.