Impress your guests with Paperless Check-in while increasing efficiency and cutting costs

Paperless Check-in

We recently blogged about our mobile housekeeping reports and how they improve efficiency, cut paper and printing costs and are environmentally friendlier — benefits that a mobile property management system can bring to all aspects of daily operations.

This week, we’d like to highlight another of our mobile features: electronic signature capture for paperless check-in.

It ticks all the boxes…

>> Speeds up the check-in process? Check.
>> Cuts paper and printing costs? Check.
>> Better for the environment? Check.
>> And it’s sure to impress your guests, too. Check!

WebRezPro’s electronic signature capture feature allows guests to sign check-in receipts or registration cards digitally on a tablet or smartphone screen, eliminating the need to print check-in receipts or registration cards and speeding up the check-in process.

This neat feature is available for free simply by logging in to your WebRezPro system with a mobile device such as a tablet. (You may need to upgrade to a newer version of WebRezPro – at no charge – just get in touch with your account rep.)

WebRezPro’s new electronic signature capture feature has so many amazing benefits. First of all, check-ins are much quicker. Secondly, guests really like it… it’s something they’ve never seen before, and it makes a great first impression. From an operational perspective, being able to digitalize our registration cards allows us to be so much more efficient. Searching for past registration cards—something that used to take five to ten minutes—now literally takes seconds. Electronic signature capture also means we are using much less paper now. This is a huge cost savings. And last but certainly not least; this one new change might have had the single greatest environmental impact of any change we’ve ever made. With email confirmations and now electronic sign-ins, our Front Desk is virtually paperless.
– Jim Copus, Montecito Inn, Santa Barbara, CA


Don’t get left behind. Embrace mobile technology now to bring efficiency and cost savings to your daily operations.