Inspire with Art: 6 Tips for Choosing Pieces for Your Property


What travelers are looking for in a hotel has changed a lot over the years. While run-of-the-mill chain hotels were favored in the past (for a standardized experience you could count on), guests today are looking for something completely different. Unique spaces that inspire (and look good on social media posts) are a top priority for many. Generic decor just doesn’t cut it anymore.
So how do you deliver inspiring, one-of-a-kind design? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. But one way to showcase your property’s individuality is through the artwork you display. Obviously, this means forgoing the mass-produced landscapes and floral still-lifes that filled hotel wall space in decades past, but there’s a lot more you need to think about. Here are a few tips for choosing the right artwork for your property.

Hire a consultant

Navigating the art scene can be intimidating. Luckily, finding the perfect pieces to display at your property is a burden you don’t have to bear alone. Consider working with an art consultant to help you with the job. Their connections can give you access to studios and galleries you might not know about, and their expertise and experience can help you choose pieces that compliment your brand. They’ll be able to find you unique art that you wouldn’t otherwise consider. It’s their job to stay abreast of upcoming trends and spot talented emerging artists after all.

Showcase your identity

Finding art for your hotel isn’t just about choosing pieces that are beautiful and interesting. That’s an excellent place to start, but the pieces you ultimately pick have to reflect and compliment your brand identity. A lively hotel in Las Vegas would (or should!) have very different artwork than a quiet beachfront inn. So know your hotel! What’s its story? Who are your guests? What’s the local narrative? These are questions that will influence the choices you make (and will undoubtedly be asked by your consultant).

Know your parameters

Before you start looking for artwork, you first need to know some important physical and financial parameters. Assess your property to determine how many pieces you need. And then make sure you take measurements, so you know how much space you have to work with. Taking pictures is also advisable, as they can help you (and your consultant) determine how well a piece will fit the space and compliment the color palette.
You should also have a budget in mind from the beginning. This will keep the search to pieces within your price range. And don’t worry if it isn’t extravagant. The price of a piece doesn’t define the impact it will have on your guests.

Consider alternative mediums

When you’re on the hunt for pieces, don’t limit your search to just traditional paintings. There’s so much more out there. Depending on your brand, anything from photography to sculpture to multi-media installations could be the perfect addition to a space (be it in the lobby, a guest room, or an outdoor garden).

Look locally

We mentioned earlier that your artwork should showcase your property’s identity. And part of that identity is your locality. Choosing pieces by local artists is a great way to pay homage to where you are. And considering your guests are choosing to visit your part of the world, they’ll appreciate the local flavor.

Ensure proper installation

Once you’ve chosen the perfect pieces, there are a few more things to think about. Installation is an important piece of the puzzle. You need to consider height (pieces should be hung with their center at approximately eye level), lighting, framing, spacing, and maintenance.
Artwork can be a powerful tool for inspiring guests and conveying your property’s culture. Make sure you’re choosing the right pieces by following these six tips. Good luck!