Mastering the Art of Adventure: How to Capitalize on the Adventure Hotel Trend

Travel continues to soar at sky-rocketing rates since the pandemic as everyone and their dog seems to want to get out and explore. Among the many trends this year, adventure hotels are at the fore, attracting those guests who are the most active and adventurous.

According to the Outdoor Industry Association, the number of outdoor recreation participants in the USA grew by 2% in 2022—amounting to 55% of the US population aged six and up. While trends come and go, this one seems worthy of investing in. 

As an independent hotelier, you might wonder how to hop on this thrilling bandwagon without completely overhauling your establishment. Fortunately, you need not transform your entire hotel to capitalize on the adventure hotel trend. Instead, incorporate a few key components that will undoubtedly pique the interest of adventurous souls seeking their next escapade. We’ve put together a few ideas to help your hotel embark on its own adventure journey.

Appeal to Existing Guests: Research Your Market

Before you embark on this journey, take time to understand your market and your various guest segments. It’s easier to leverage your existing guest base than reach out to a completely new market. For instance, if you’re situated near hiking trails, you likely already have guests who have been using your hotel as a base for their outdoor adventures. Whether it’s a rugged wilderness expedition or a laid-back coastal retreat, ensure that your offerings align with the adventurous spirit lurking within your clientele. 

Capitalize on Community Partnerships: Strength in Collaboration

When it comes to adventure, community partnerships can be your greatest asset. Your hotel doesn’t have to provide activities itself to capitalize on the hotel adventure trend. It’s enough to forge alliances with local adventure outfitters, tour guides, and activity providers to offer exclusive experiences to your guests. Whether it’s kayaking down scenic rivers or embarking on adrenaline-pumping mountain biking excursions, collaborating with experts in the field will enhance the allure of your hotel and establish you as a hub for adventure seekers.

A smiling woman in a zipline harness prepares to fly!
What local activity providers operate near your property?

Supersize Sustainability Efforts: Treading Lightly on the Path Less Traveled

In the pursuit of adventure, sustainability should never be an afterthought. The environment is typically of concern to those interested in exploring within it. Embrace eco-friendly practices throughout your hotel, from reducing plastic waste to implementing energy-saving initiatives. Showcasing your commitment to environmental stewardship will not only resonate with eco-conscious travelers but also contribute to the preservation of the pristine landscapes that beckon adventurers far and wide.

Add a Dash of Adventure: Transforming Your Hotel into an Oasis of Excitement

Injecting a dose of adventure into your hotel doesn’t require a complete overhaul. Instead, look within your existing infrastructure and unleash your creativity to weave elements of excitement into the fabric of your hotel.

Consider the layout of your hotel. Do you have ample space to spare, waiting to be transformed into a playground for the adventurous? Think boldly:

  • Picture a soaring climbing wall adorning the lobby, beckoning guests to test their mettle against its formidable heights.
  • Instead of a pool, add a surf pool resplendent with lush greenery, offering a taste of the ocean’s exhilarating waves to landlocked adventurers.
  • Envision a parkour course, inviting thrill-seekers to navigate obstacles with agility and finesse.
  • A skate park, complete with ramps and rails, transforms your parking lot into a vibrant hub of energy, where skaters can showcase their skills and novices can learn from seasoned veterans. 
  • A dedicated yoga studio provides a tranquil sanctuary for guests to rejuvenate their spirits and embark on inner journeys of self-discovery.
  • Engage local artisans and crafters to create bespoke installations that celebrate the beauty of the natural world and ignite the imagination of your guests. Workshops can attract locals or those from afar to develop their skills.
Even an outdoor firepit can fuel guests' sense of adventure.
Even an outdoor firepit can fuel your guests’ sense of adventure.

Capitalize on Your Niche Market: Carving A Path to Success

Once you’ve established what activity you want to hone in on (and it’s best if you do just try to pick one and specialize), consider how you can expand on your offerings. Let’s say you transformed your parking lot into a skateboard park; dive a little deeper into the trend or subculture, and tailor even more offerings accordingly. 

In addition to your indoor/outdoor skatepark, open a boutique skateboard store, host expos and competitions, and invite pro skaters to visit. You’ll transform your hotel into a mecca for skateboard enthusiasts, drawing visitors from far and wide.

Leverage Local: Harnessing the Spirit of Your Surroundings

One of the most effective ways to capitalize on the adventure hotel trend is by leveraging the unique offerings of your local area. Whether it’s a nearby ski hill or a pristine fishing spot, tap into the assets of your surroundings to provide unparalleled experiences to your guests. From ski rentals and shuttle services to a cozy après-ski retreat complete with hot tubs and fondue, position your hotel as the ultimate basecamp for adventurers seeking to explore the wonders of your region.

Activate Activity Bookings: Making Activities Bookable

The piece de resistance to your adventure hotel plans is appropriate hotel tech! Without it, managing lodgings with scheduled activities can get complicated. 

From inventory to bookings to invoicing, keeping track of everything manually across separate systems is inefficient and prone to errors. Running a stay-and-play business with disconnected systems is detrimental to both the bottom line and customer experience. An integrated solution that simplifies management of both accommodation and activities is key—saving time, improving service, and boosting revenue. 

WebRezPro is a complete property management system (PMS) tailored for lodging-and-activity operators that offers a centralized hub for all data, from bookings to billing to reporting. This includes features like integrated room and activity bookings, flexible rate management, complete invoicing, activity calendars, guest email communications, comprehensive reporting, and mobile access. By integrating both sides of the business, operators can streamline their operations, gain valuable insights into performance, and ultimately enhance the guest experience, all with the ease and convenience of a single, unified system. 

What’s more, WebRezPro can sell scheduled activity bookings with or without room bookings, allowing you to extend your activity packages and bookings to locals or guests from other hotels.

While the adventure hotel trend may seem like uncharted territory, independent hoteliers have the opportunity to chart a course to success by embracing the spirit of adventure and innovation. By crafting enticing packages, forging community partnerships, championing sustainability, and infusing your hotel with elements of adventure, you can create a truly unforgettable experience for your guests and establish your property as a premier destination for adventurers near and far.