Contactless Hotel Check-in: Simple & Seamless

Contactless Check-in

While guest messaging and mobile self-check-in were trending prior to COVID-19, operating a hotel during a pandemic has proven mobile technology more pertinent than ever, propelling widespread adoption of contactless check-in and communications among hotels around the world.

To some, contactless hotel technology still seems futuristic and out of reach, but, on the contrary, it is firmly planted in our current reality. For both safety and convenience, contactless check-in is fast becoming a standard guest expectation—and it’s easier to implement than you might think.

Advantages of contactless check-in

The advantages of contactless check-in and communications are clear during a pandemic, but contactless tech will continue to benefit hotels long after COVID-19 is over.

>Health & Safety: The ability to check in online helps maintain physical distancing requirements by reducing physical interaction with hotel staff and other guests at the front desk. A practical and effective health and safety precaution, contactless check-in helps gives guests peace of mind.

>Efficiency: Allowing the guest to bypass the front desk, contactless check-in makes for a more seamless arrival whereby the guest can complete registration online and receive check-in instructions automatically to access their room more directly. Not only convenient for the guest, contactless check-in applications reduce the administrative workload on staff so that they can focus their energy on improving the stay experience.

Guest engagement: Contactless check-in provides a seamless, connected guest experience that encourages guest engagement. Through pre-arrival messaging that facilitates check-in, hoteliers also have the opportunity to connect with guests to find out guest preferences, offer relevant upsells, and to gather data for personalizing future stays and communications.

Implementing contactless check-in

A modern, fully integrated, mobile-friendly property management system (PMS) like WebRezPro makes implementing contactless check-in easy. The contactless check-in process can be managed using WebRezPro’s guest agreements feature, or through integration with third-party mobile check-in applications.

WebRezPro’s guest agreements

WebRezPro’s guest agreements let guests complete secure digital registration cards online before they arrive at your property, confirming that they agree to all applicable terms and conditions of the stay. When the guest submits their completed agreement, self-check-in instructions are automatically sent to the guest, and the completed agreement is automatically attached to the guest’s reservation.

Setting up and customizing guest agreements is simple using guest agreement templates. Agreements can be set up to request credit card information (and process payment), photo identification and vehicle information, and for the guest to electronically sign the agreement, as required by the property.

Once the agreement is created, it can be automatically included in pre-arrival emails as a URL that opens the secure online agreement for the guest to complete. Approval emails can also be set up to be sent to guests automatically after submitting their completed agreement, confirming that their agreement has been received and communicating arrival instructions.

The automated process saves front desk agents from having to process guest agreements and send check-in instructions manually. And ensuring no booking falls through the cracks, a ‘guest agreements report’ shows all bookings that have not submitted a completed guest agreement so that they can be followed up by staff.

Keyless access and payment gateway integrations make the check-in experience fully automated, allowing guests to pay online and access their room without a physical key.

Third-party contactless check-in integration

WebRezPro also offers integrations with third-party contactless check-in solutions, including Ivy Experience Suite by Revinate, AkiaOperto and Intelity. Integration with a third-party contactless check-in application allows WebRezPro to automatically send upcoming reservation information (including cancellations and modifications) to the contactless check-in system, eliminating the need to enter reservation data manually and ensuring accurate communications are automatically delivered to guests at the right time for a fully automated, seamless contactless check-in experience.

COVID-19 has fast-tracked the need for contactless hotel check-in and there will be no going back. Now is the time to implement contactless check-in at your property to keep your guests and staff safe, streamline hotel operations and improve the guest experience—it’s easier than you think. Contact us to make a simple, seamless contactless guest check-in process a reality for your property.