PMS and POS Integration for Smoother Sales & Happier Guests

PMS-POS Integration

Integration of core hotel systems is key to streamlining operations property-wide. In the past, integrating legacy hotel systems was a complicated, lengthy and expensive process, but these days, through open APIs, common Web standards and rapid innovation, cloud technology is paving the way to easier, faster and more effective system integration, empowering hotels to improve efficiency and share data across departments for a deeper understanding of guests and the market.
For lodging operators, on-property points of sale like a restaurant, gift shop or spa add another layer of complexity to daily operations, but a simple interface between the property management system (PMS) and point-of-sale (POS) system can save hoteliers significant time and increase billing accuracy for more satisfied guests and improved revenue.
Better Billing Management
PMS–POS integration streamlines the process of charging restaurant sales and other incidental charges to a guest’s room.
When PMS and POS systems are not integrated, restaurant bills and other incidental sales and services charged to a guest’s room must be communicated to the front desk and added to the guest’s folio manually. But, as is the nature of the hospitality industry, busy staff are often sidetracked by more pressing tasks. Come check-out time, even the most organised front desk can face billing discrepancies, resulting in annoyed guests arguing charges on their bill, or a loss of revenue where charges have inadvertently been left off a guest’s folio. By automating the process of posting incidental charges to guest reservation folios, PMS–POS integration eliminates these types of manual errors.
How does it work? It’s quite simple: through the interface, the POS system queries the PMS in real time to verify guest status and room number, and then automatically posts the charge to the relevant folio within the PMS — giving staff more time to focus on guest service, and eliminating billing inaccuracies due to human error, such as misplaced tickets and typos.
Better Guest Service
It goes without saying that billing errors are normally a source of frustration for guests. By eliminating errors via automation, hoteliers can help to ensure a pleasant guest experience upon check-out.
In fact, a PMS–POS integration improves the guest experience throughout the stay. Guests looking for a hassle-free stay generally appreciate the convenience of not having to get their wallet out every time they dine onsite or make other on-property purchases. The ability to charge purchases to guestrooms is perceived by guests as a thoughtful touch designed for their comfort and convenience; automating the process ensures billing accuracy, reducing disputes and increasing guest satisfaction.
Improving billing efficiency and accuracy for the convenience of your staff and guests, PMS–POS integration just makes sense.  So it’s unsurprising that a recent survey by hotel management software research company Software Advice found that hoteliers are increasingly seeking PMS with POS integration.
WebRezPro PMS integrates with a number of leading POS systems. If you don’t see your POS provider on the list, contact us to find out if integration is possible.
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