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Calgary, AB – August 29, 2013 – Family House, a non-profit organization providing accommodation to Pittsburgh, PA hospitals’ patients and their families, has chosen WebRezPro cloud property management system to manage their four locations due to the software’s flexibility to fit their specialized needs. Family House went live with their tailored WebRezPro PMS last month.

WebRezPro has been working closely with Family House to create a customized version of the PMS that meets the specific needs of medically supported accommodations. Some of those customizations include modifications to the booking form, guest (patient) profiles and billing. With their tailored WebRezPro PMS, Family House can register guests as patients or caregivers, record patient information such as medical requirements, procedure, referring physician and hospital of attendance, and can split billing to accommodate guests utilizing financial assistance to pay for their stay, among other features.

“We had been looking a long time for property management software that could meet our specific needs,” commented Jill Curry, General Manager at Family House. “WebRezPro worked closely with us to customize their system for our medically supported accommodations and the software provides us with the much-needed tools and information to run our properties. Even now, after we have gone live with the software, WebRezPro are still committed to fine tuning functionality to maximize efficiency. We are so happy to have made the transition to WebRezPro.”

With four separate homes totalling 160 rooms and suites, Family House also utilizes WebRezPro’s Location Module, enabling them to track revenue by location and view availability calendars by location.

“We greatly appreciate this opportunity to work with Family House and the resources and valuable input they have contributed to this project,” said Frank Verhagen, President of World Web Technologies, the company behind WebRezPro. “We are confident that their customized WebRezPro system will prove to meet their specialist needs as a medically supported accommodation provider, and hope to be able to serve similar organizations in the future,” continued Verhagen.

About Family House:
Established in 1983, Family House is a non-profit organization providing a “home away from home” for patients and/or families travelling to Pittsburgh for treatment of serious or life-threatening illnesses. With four separate homes totalling 160 rooms and suites, Family House provides affordable accommodation in a home-like environment and a network of support to help people through stressful times.

About WebRezPro:
WebRezPro™ is a powerful and cost-effective Cloud-based property management system designed to meet the front- and back-office needs of single independent hotels and hotel groups and chains. WebRezPro offers all the features of a traditional PMS such as integrated accounting, GDS connectivity and multiple interfaces, as well as advantages unique to Cloud-based systems, including remote accessibility, integrated Web and mobile reservations and automatic data back-up. WebRezPro is a product of World Web Technologies Inc., a pioneering Internet marketing and software company for the tourism and hospitality industries since 1994.

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