Hotel Software Product Reports

Meet WebRezPro

A sophisticated and affordable cloud PMS for properties of all types and sizes.
“Traditional, locally-installed hotel property management systems are powerful tools. They are also expensive and often complicated tools considering licensing costs and hardware and IT requirements. The investment makes sense for large hotel brands with big budgets, but for independent properties, the cost of a locally-installed PMS is often too steep… ” Read More (PDF).
Cloud Management Software for Campgrounds

Campground Management Software

WebRezPro offers niche functionality that translates into a tailor-made campground PMS.
“Situated on the outskirts of Calgary, AB, Canada, amid rolling foothills, Calaway Park attracts thousands of visitors each year for the fun and excitement of amusement rides. And with a campground on site, visitors are invited to play and stay. When Calaway Park was looking for a Property Management System (PMS) for their busy 104-site campground and RV park… ” Read More (PDF).
Cloud Management Software for Hostels

Hostel Management Software

From selling dorm beds to accessing the right online distribution channels, WebRezPro streamlines all aspects of hostel management.
“Manage your hostel all in one place – WebRezPro is where reservations and front desk, online bookings, global distribution and back-office accounting all conveniently, seamlessly and reliably converge…” Read More (PDF).
Software for Vacation Rental Properties

Vacation Rental Management Software

A popular choice among lodging operators the world over, WebRezPro offers a cloud property management system (PMS) with purpose-built features specific to vacation rental management.
“WebRezPro manages all reservation and accounting aspects of your business, whether you’re dealing with single, multiple or fractional ownership. Hosted in the cloud and completely mobile optimized…” Read More (PDF).