It’s Time to Start Taking Bookings Directly on Facebook

Facebook Widget

It’s news to no one that Facebook is the place to be on the internet. With almost two billion monthly users, the social media giant cannot be ignored by a business that wants to be successful. Chances are you’ve already invested significant time and energy into cultivating your property’s Facebook presence, and we think that’s great! Now it’s time to get an even bigger return on those efforts by taking bookings through your Facebook page via a booking widget. This addition (made simple with WebRezPro) is sure to boost direct bookings and cut down on booking abandonment while creating a seamless online experience that consumers have come to expect.

Create a Seamless Online Experience

The boundaries that used to exist online are fading away. With consumers shopping on Instagram and Twitter, retail and social sites are no longer separate arenas. There is a new expectation of fluidity online and having a disconnection between your Facebook page and booking engine could make you appear behind the times. Not only will Facebook booking capabilities help your property remain relevant, but they are sure to have a significant impact on your bottom line as well!

Increase Direct Bookings

Facebook has always been a place where people share their travel experiences—uploading photos, posting stories and highlighting the activities they enjoyed. But now, with the recent introduction of Facebook’s City Guides, the social site is making moves to become a go-to for trip planning (not just trip-envy!). Moving forward, potential guests will be searching Facebook in a more intentional manner, and this is an excellent opportunity for properties to boost direct bookings.
Increasing direct bookings is a priority for properties both big and (perhaps especially) small. While Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) bring in a significant number of reservations, they also take a substantial cut of your revenue and reduce the direct contact that you have with your guests. Integrating booking capability into your Facebook page allows you to score direct bookings from customers that prefer browsing on a third-party site (almost like an OTA without the commission!).

Reduce Booking Abandonment

In a world of mobile apps and the Internet of Things, people have come to expect efficiency and immediacy. These days, if something isn’t easy to use it is quickly abandoned, and making online bookings is no exception.  While it may sound silly, requiring a potential customer to leave Facebook in order to search for availability at your property, could very well be a deal-breaker—resulting in reduced sales conversion. People are on Facebook for a reason so don’t make them leave it.
Even if a customer does navigate to your property’s page, any extra steps in the browsing to booking process is an opportunity for something to go awry, and for the customer to give up. The hospitality industry is a competitive one, and it’s important to do everything you can to mitigate abandoned bookings.  Integrate a booking form into your Facebook page, so you won’t have to settle for lost sales.
The advent of social media was a game-changer for the hospitality industry.  Any good marketing strategy places emphasis on establishing a relevant online presence and Facebook is a major piece of that puzzle. Between curating photos, writing status updates and engaging with followers, a significant investment of time and energy goes into the maintenance of your profile. You work hard to get potential guests on your Facebook page! Add a booking widget directly to your property’s profile to capitalize on that hard-earned traffic. Contact us for more information or a free demo today!