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Social Connections

Lots of people in hospitality are getting excited about the clever social media strategy called A brand advocate platform for hotels, taps hotels into a powerful marketing force — their very own guests. The premise is simple: people tend to trust their friends and family over fancy ad campaigns and in the age of social media word of mouth is everything. Just think of the huge reach your guests offer; most of your guests will have hundreds of social connections each.
In a seamless and engaging way, turns a hotel’s guests into advocates, reaching a pool of thousands of future guests.
Here’s how they do it:

  • When a guest makes a reservation through your online booking engine, a ( pop-up encourages the guest to share the news via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (an incentive is offered, like a complimentary upgrade) – all the guest has to do is click the button.
  • The Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn post includes a unique link and entices your guest’s social connections to click on it by offering a special perk, such as “get a VIP upgrade on me!”
  • When your guest’s social connections click on the link in their friend’s post, they will be taken directly to your hotel’s website, where a personalized message awaits announcing your guest’s (their friend’s) upcoming stay at your hotel, paired with a soft call to action (like “sign up for your free upgrade, too – good for the next six months!”), increasing your pool of future guests. claims to turn 15% of a hotel’s guests into advocates.
We love its simplicity and relevance. is a natural extension of the booking process and most of your guests are already engaged with social media.
To learn more about, click here to go to their website.
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