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Every day, WebRezPro works with properties around the world to find solutions to the lodging industry’s biggest challenges. And no other challenge has had a more profound impact than that of COVID-19. Below are some of the software tools and system modifications we have implemented to help our partners during this difficult time. 

Contactless Check-in

COVID-19 Hotels
Help keep staff & guests safe

Automatic room closeouts

To allow for deeper cleaning and decontamination, automated 24-hour room closeouts can be applied to ensure that guestrooms remain vacant for a designated period between bookings.

Pandemic cancellation reports

Creating a COVID-19 cancellation code allows you to track bookings that are cancelled due to the pandemic. Cancellation reports also show lost revenue due to cancelled reservations.

Convert bookings to gift certificates

Confirmed reservations can be converted to gift certificates in place of a refund when guests cancel. These converted reservations can be tracked for reporting purposes.

Override gift certificate expiration date

The expiration date of gift certificates can be changed to extend the validity of gift certificates for customers whose travel plans are impacted by COVID-19.

Enhanced Change cost of a reservation

For maximum flexibility and efficiency, the room or package cost for multiple nights of a reservation can be changed at once, instead of updating each night's cost individually.

Website booking engine messaging

Customized messaging can be added to your WebRezPro online booking engine to inform customers of temporary closures of services (such as restaurants) or your entire property due to COVID-19.

Bulk emails to future reservations

WebRezPro's bulk email feature makes it easy to keep future guests informed about what is happening at your property.

Temporary closeouts

Temporary room closeouts make managing availability easy for both partial and entire property closures. Closeouts will push an automatic stop sell to OTAs integrated with your WebRezPro PMS.

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Contactless Check-in
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