3 WebRezPro Customers Voted Best by Condé Nast Traveler Readers

3 Golden Trophies

The winners of Condé Nast Traveler’s 29th annual Readers’ Choice Awards survey were announced last week and we are very excited to congratulate three of our customers who made the cut!…

Each of these outstanding properties was recognized by discerning guests for providing exceptional stay experiences. This year, a record 300,000+ Condé Nast readers cast their votes for their favourite hotels, resorts, cities, cruise lines, airlines and islands, resulting in 1,402 of the best travel experiences in the world.
The esteemed awards acknowledge the commitment of these hotels, resorts and other travel businesses to providing unforgettable experiences where any guest is always treated like a VIP.
Achieving top-rated guest service and satisfaction is not an easy task, but is so important these days amidst growing competition and evolving customer expectations. To stand out, lodging operators are striving to personalize the guest experience through increasingly customized service and experiential options.
There is a particularly strong movement toward this trend among luxury and boutique properties. Providing a stand-out stay experience for guests requires dedication, experience, creativity and adaptability from hotel management and staff — and a flexible property management system (PMS) to back them up.
Here’s how WebRezPro PMS supports exceptional stay experiences:

We know how important it is to know your guests and anticipate their needs

You can’t truly personalize the guest experience if you don’t know your guests. Guest data is the backbone of personalization and that’s why we believe robust guest profiles should be a key feature of your PMS.
From guest email addresses to preferences to spend patterns, guest data enables lodging operators to serve guests more proactively by anticipating their needs, and to target marketing efforts more effectively. In addition to the ability to create comprehensive guest profiles in WebRezPro, the PMS also integrates with specialized CRM software like Guestfolio, Salesforce and NAVIS.
Reservation folio features like VIP flagging, reservation alarms and pop-up reminders help to ensure staff never miss a beat and support the kind of intuitive service that makes guests feel valued.

We know how important seamless, timely service is

When operations are running smoothly and efficiently, staff are happy and guests are happy. Efficiency directly impacts the level of customer service, not to mention employee satisfaction and your bottom line.
From automated reservation management with integrated online bookings and channel management integration, to on-the-go-access (including paperless check-in and mobile housekeeping reports) and direct integrations with other hotel systems, WebRezPro automates and mobilizes daily tasks, allowing lodging operators to shift their focus from administration to hospitality.

We know how important it is to offer a little something extra

From special packages that include activities, to small gifts of appreciation for loyal repeat guests, offering relevant, thoughtful “extras” can help a property stand out from the competition and even achieve that wow factor.
Special packages — including those that combine accommodation with activities — are easily created within WebRezPro and sold online through WebRezPro’s direct online booking engine. Booking options can also be set up within the booking engine, allowing reservation agents and guests themselves to customize their stay experience with add-on products or services at the time of booking.

We know communication with guests is key

Targeted guest communications throughout the guest life cycle play an important part in personalizing the guest experience and building lasting hotel-customer relationships.
In line with customer expectations, most properties communicate with guests digitally before and after their stay, and more and more are offering digital channels of communication for guests on-property too.
WebRezPro makes it easier to stay in touch with guests through automated booking confirmation, pre-arrival and post-stay emails that can be customized and triggered based on reservation data such as check-in/check-out dates, rate codes and room types. As mentioned above, WebRezPro also integrates with CRM solutions that specialize in engaging guests through targeted digital communications.
We can’t talk about guest communications without mentioning the growing mobile messaging channel. This trend toward mobile messaging, especially pre-arrival and during the stay, is particularly strong among luxury properties and will only become more mainstream across the board as all traveler segments begin to demand it.
Through integration with mobile messaging apps like KeyPR and Twilio, WebRezPro helps streamline the process of managing personalized mobile messaging between a property and its guests.

We know how important human connection is in an increasingly technological world

Despite the rise of mobile, self-service apps and the digitization of customer care, good old-fashioned service with a smile is still at the core of great hospitality. Without positive human interaction, even the most personalized mobile apps and fanciest rooms will fail to make guests feel welcome.
That lies at the heart of everything we do: WebRezPro is dedicated to streamlining daily operations and providing tools for personalizing service to help lodging operators and their staff treat every guest like a VIP.