A Year in Review: Our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018 for Hoteliers

Top 5 Blog Posts for Hotels

And just like that, another year has flown by! We’ve blogged a lot this past year. From social media tips to design trends to tech solutions, a lot of ground was covered, and we hope it was helpful. For our final post of the year, we’d like to look back at our most popular blog posts of 2018. Here are the five most viewed posts from the last year:

5. Social Media Dos and Don’ts: A Hotelier’s Guide

By now the importance of social media for marketing is very well established. But recognizing its significance and knowing how to use it are not the same thing. While it is a dynamic medium conducive to creativity and outside-the-box campaign strategies, there are still some important rules you need to follow. Unsure if you’re using your platforms effectively? Check out this blog post for valuable tips about what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your socials accounts. Read the full post >>

4. 4 Considerations for Choosing the Right OTAs

For better or worse, online travel agencies (OTAs) are part of the distribution game. Most lodging operators will need to partner with one or more OTA to ensure maximum occupancy at their property. They can have steep commissions, but they also increase exposure and expand your marketing reach. The trick is choosing the right providers to partner with so the benefits they bring outweigh the costs. Our fourth-place blog post this year outlines four important things you should consider when choosing OTA partners. Read the full post >>

3. 5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Hotel Lobby

Our third most-viewed blog in 2018 was dedicated to one of the most important spaces in any hotel: the lobby. As the site of both the first and last impression a guest will have of your property, the lobby has the potential to make or break or your business. So it’s essential you do everything you can to make the space work for you. This post offers five tips for turning your hotel lobby into the buzzing, welcoming hub you want it to be. Read the full post >>

2. How to Sell Hotel Rooms without Offering Discounts

Getting heads in beds is the name of the game in the hospitality industry. Lodging operations need to maximize occupancy in order to be successful, and it can be tempting to cut prices to win more bookings. But that’s not always the best instinct. In addition to reducing your profit margin, slashing prices also gives the impression of a less valuable product. Our second most-viewed blog post this year offers tips for selling rooms without offering discounts. Read the full post >>

1. Beyond the Bedroom: Hotel Design Trends for 2018

Coming in at number one on our list is a post about hotel design. Today’s travelers are very interested in the ambiance of their accommodation. The rooms, lobby, and shared spaces of a property are all part of the experience, so you need to offer something special. This post highlights some of the biggest hotel design trends of 2018. But don’t worry, they’ll continue to be relevant in the New Year. Millennials’ tastes for unique decor, co-living spaces and biophilic design haven’t wavered. Read the full post >>

Staying on top of the newest technology and trends in the hospitality industry is a big task (especially when you’re busy running a lodging operation). We hope our posts help make it a little easier. Happy Holidays and we’ll see you in the New Year!