Automate Campground Operations and Boost Bookings with Campground Management Software

Busy Campground

Camping is all about getting away from the stresses of the city and everyday life. It’s an opportunity to reconnect to nature, breathe in the fresh air, and still the mind—which a lot of us need these days. The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the hospitality industry as a whole, but campgrounds and RV parks provide the socially distanced outdoor experience many people are looking for.

If you’re running a campground, chances are you’re there for many of the same reasons your guests are—a love of the outdoors and a quieter lifestyle. But managing a campground is a lot of work, especially as demand grows and your property gets busier. If the day-to-day is grinding you down, it’s time to let technology do the heavy lifting. From inventory management and distribution to reservations and guest communications to site management and performance reporting, campground management software streamlines and automates daily operations to drive efficiency, guest satisfaction and revenue. Let us show you how!

Direct, commission-free website bookings

Offering your guests the convenience of booking online gets their adventure started with a simple, seamless, stress-free experience right from the get-go, allowing them to browse available sites/accommodations and dates and make a booking at their leisure.

Integrated with the reservation system, the online booking engine always displays live rates and availability, and sends your website bookings directly to your reservation system so you never have to update two separate systems or double-handle bookings. With payment gateway integration, payment can be accepted at the time of booking to streamline the check-in/out process. Customizable to your inventory, a flexible booking engine makes it easy for your guests to find what they’re looking for, whether that’s a tenting site, RV site, cabin or motel room. Availability can be searched by unit type, number of guests, and even utilities and amenities, helping potential guests find exactly what they want fast. Complete with campsite/unit photos and descriptions, a website booking engine gives your guests a convenient, self-service booking experience—and gives you more time to get on with other things.

>>Interactive Booking Map

Some campground management systems like WebRezPro also offer interactive booking map functionality, allowing your customers to view real-time availability and make a booking by clicking on an available spot on your campground map. When an available spot is clicked, a pop-up will show a description and photos of the campsite as well as bookable rates. This intuitive, visual booking tool helps your customers understand the layout of your property and choose the best available spot, for greater guest satisfaction.

Make sure the campground management software you choose offers commission-free website bookings so you can maximize your profit.

Flexible and easy inventory management

Good campground management software will offer flexible inventory setup, supporting customizable availability searches as mentioned above. In addition to setting up different unit types, e.g. tent sites, RV sites (full/partial hook-ups, back-in/pull-through sites), group sites, cabins, motel rooms, glamping units, etc., camping management software should also allow you to set up non-lodging units to schedule and track maintenance and cleaning of common-use facilities such as BBQ shelters, shared kitchen facilities, pavilions, games rooms and bathroom blocks.

For quick and easy reference, the availability calendar and housekeeping report can display inventory by unit type, unit number, location or housekeeping zone.

WebRezPro also allows you to create virtual units, so that you can sell sites in more than one way. For example, you can sell three neighboring campsites separately, or tie them together as one virtual unit to be sold as a group camping site. If one of the tied units is booked separately, the system will automatically close out availability for the associated virtual unit for those dates. Or availability for any units can be closed out manually at any time.

If your campground organizes inventory by location, for example campsites and motel rooms, WebRezPro can organize availability and rate calendars by location, track revenue and taxes by location, and even provide independent booking engines and customized receipts for each location.

Integrated with third-party distribution channels (OTAs) like Airbnb, campground management software makes managing your rates and inventory on your other channels a breeze by automatically synchronizing live rates and availability across channels, and importing third-party bookings directly into your system—saving you a lot of time by eliminating manual data entry and double bookings. You control what inventory and rates are available on your integrated channels from the convenience of your campground management system.

Flexible and automated inventory management is key to optimizing inventory for more bookings.

Better guest communications

Today’s travelers, whether staying in a hotel or a campground, want and expect timely, personalized communications that help them prepare for and enjoy their stay. Reservation confirmations, pre-arrival/check-in emails and post-stay communications help improve the guest experience and build customer loyalty. During these uncertain travel times, guests appreciate clear communication more than ever to understand property protocols and be reassured that their stay experience will be a safe and enjoyable one.

Manually sending emails to your guests would probably be a full-time job in itself, but campground management software can automate this important process. Email templates can be created and automatically sent to guests based on triggers such as reservation status (confirmed, cancelled), check-in/out dates and even unit and rate types. The system automatically personalizes guest communications for every guest using their reservation data, including the guest name, stay dates, unit type booked, etc.

Automating guest communications ensures no guest goes forgotten, and helps improve the guest experience with no manual effort!

Mobile access

You’re not running a campground to be stuck in an office all day! Modern campground management software is mobile friendly, allowing you to pop your desk in your pocket and head out into the fresh air.

A mobile-friendly, web-based solution not only allows you to securely access your system from an off-site computer (for example, from home during the off season), but also from an internet-connected mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. This is particularly handy for performing tasks on the fly, for example, checking guests in as you do your rounds, adding firewood purchases to reservations, extending and/or moving bookings for guests who don’t want to leave, tracking housekeeping / vacated sites in real time, and reporting maintenance issues.  

A modern, mobile-friendly system will also offer guest-facing applications that empower your guests with self-service functionality, including mobile bookings and contactless check-in.

Fully integrated system to automate and streamline operations

Campground management software is designed to make your work day more efficient and profitable by reducing your manual administrative load and providing the tools you need to deliver great guest service. Synchronizing all departments (reservations, inventory, housekeeping/maintenance, accounting and reporting), campground management software gives you real-time visibility of your business at all times, helping you stay on top of the day-to-day and greatly reducing manual errors and oversights.

Centralizing data allows the system to automate manual administrative tasks—from managing reservations and availability to sending guest communications to generating reports—so that you can focus on providing a wonderful experience for your guests to earn loyal customers and great reviews. You can manage all operations from a single dashboard, whether you need to check a guest in, modify a reservation, generate a point-of-sale invoice in your campground store, update rates, close out availability for unit maintenance, or run a report for your accountant—it’s all at your fingertips.

Cloud campground management software like WebRezPro is easy to implement. Because the system is web based, there’s no software to install on your computer. Instead, you and your staff access your system by securely logging in using unique user profiles, which also means that employees can be designated different levels of system access as appropriate. WebRezPro uses industry-best security measures, including two-factor authentication and SSL encryption, to keep your business’s data and your guests’ data safe from unauthorized access.

Modern campground management software is key to making your life as a campground operator easier, and to providing a positive guest experience. As travel opens up again, make sure you’re prepared for the next busy season with time-saving software that gives you more time to focus on providing good ol’ hospitality to your guests—after all, happy campers are the ticket to more bookings and revenue!

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