How to Create Booking-boosting Hotel Videos

Hotel videos not only let guests know what to expect, they establish an emotional connection. Guests don’t book based on logic alone; they book based on what makes them excited. 

Videos can increase conversion rates by as much as 80 percent, if they are well-produced, and you have an effective marketing strategy. Video is simple for guests to consume and share on social media. At the end of a long day, it’s easier to press the play button than stare at a wall of text. 

Here are some tips for creating booking-boosting videos about your property, whether you’re just beginning or you need a refresher. 

Property Videos

More than photos, videos don’t just show your potential guests what your property looks like—they show them what it feels like. Well-produced brand videos and 360-degree virtual reality videos are ideal for introducing your property and transporting guests there via your website. 

Display both the exterior and interior of your property. If your property is located in a gorgeous setting like the tropical jungle surrounding our client Secret Bay, take advantage of it. Potential guests want to delight in the view outside and reassure themselves that your bathroom is nice. If you can show current guests enjoying themselves around your property, all the better. (Ask permission before filming.) Videos are all about establishing credibility. 

You can even go beyond your property and present the activities around it. Are you in a city with bustling nightlife? Pan over the local clubs. Guests want to know what they’ll experience if they choose you.

Customer Testimonials

A particularly effective way to establish credibility is through customer testimonials. You can ask a guest to appear in your video or look for user-generated content and re-share a video a guest took themselves. Customer testimonials are perfect for sharing on your social media channels!

According to Stackla, 79 percent of people surveyed in 2019 said user-generated content greatly influences their purchase choices compared with 13 percent who said branded content influences those choices. 

Instructional Videos

People enjoy learning new things when they travel. You can combine this instructional aspect with a behind-the-scenes look at your property and a chance to meet your staff. Have your surf instructor explain the best way to catch a wave or your chef share the recipe for one of your signature desserts.

Social Media Videos

Different social media networks have different types of videos users can post, each with their own length and formatting guidelines. Length is usually on the shorter side. Most people’s attention spans tend to waver after a couple minutes anyway. 

Check that you have the dimensions correct before you begin your video. There’s nothing like learning that the 1080 x 1920 video you’ve spent hours on really needs to be 1080 x 1080. 

Social media videos can be more informal than those for your website and other marketing, so this is the place to showcase live videos for an unedited, authentic feel. Videos often perform better on social media if they don’t look like a traditional advertisement. 

Tell a Story

No matter the type of video you choose, it should tell a coherent story. The music, scenery, and script must be consistent with one another and with your brand. For instance, in this video from Ocean 7 Motel the music is upbeat with a hint of nostalgia while the camera pans over the beach, nearby amusement park, and busy cityscape. Potential guests are left with the impression that though their days may be a little hectic, they will also be a lot of fun. Parents thinking of taking their kids to that amusement park will feel the nostalgia and remember the fun vacations they did when they were little. 

Concentrate on your unique selling proposition and build your video around that. What makes you different from other hotels in your category and location? 


While smooth, well-produced video helps persuade guests that your hotel is also high quality, it’s more important to be personal and authentic. Remember, videos are about credibility. Less polished, casual videos work too, as long as they stay true to your brand and don’t have so many flaws that it distracts from the story you’re telling. Compress your video if needed, so it doesn’t slow your website’s load time and negatively impact your SEO

You don’t need paid actors or expensive equipment, especially if the video is made for social media. However, for better sound quality, it’s best to use an external microphone rather than the one on your device. Include subtitles for accessibility. 

Your video should be well lit to appear professional and positive—you’re not shooting a BBC crime drama. Lastly, spend time editing to smooth out your transitions and make sure everything comes together. There’s nothing like watching an image hang there long after the audio that accompanies it has stopped. 

Bonus tip: Include your contact information at the end of your video. You want guests to know where to book!

A strong video not only lets guests know what your brand is about, it makes them enthusiastic for your story and emotionally invested in their vacation with you. Emotionally invested guests are much more likely to click that ‘book now’ button…Make them feel just how relaxing it would be to spend a week at your unique property.