Channel Management Just Got Even Easier with WebRezPro and SiteMinder


Back in 2012, WebRezPro was very excited to announce integration with leading channel manager SiteMinder, through their plug-and-play technology pmsXchange. Since then, the partnership has provided hoteliers with a more efficient, automated way of managing their online distribution.
Specifically, WebRezPro Property Management System (PMS) shares live rates and availability with SiteMinder who then distributes that data to your various online booking channels. SiteMinder also delivers reservations coming from those channels directly into WebRezPro, with online inventory automatically adjusted accordingly across all channels and in the PMS.
Many of our customers have so far enjoyed more efficient channel management as a result of this integration, but it just got even better.
A recent update to the SiteMinder interface enables the channel manager to share more reservation information with the PMS than before, saving hoteliers even more time.
Now WebRezPro can also retrieve reservation modifications and cancellations from SiteMinder, automating the process of updating changes to existing third-party reservations in the PMS. Previously, hotel staff had to log into SiteMinder to retrieve reservation modifications and cancellations and then update those changes to reservations in the PMS manually.
With the upgraded interface, WebRezPro PMS further automates management of third-party online bookings, resulting in an even more efficient and accurate process.
If your WebRezPro system already has the original SiteMinder interface, simply make sure you are on the latest version of WebRezPro (contact us for your free WebRezPro upgrade) to qualify for your free upgrade on the SiteMinder interface.
In addition to the interface update, we have recently added the ability to automatically tag reservations coming through a channel manager interface (for example, the SiteMinder interface) with the originating booking site — Expedia,, Orbitz, etc.— using special market or source codes set up in WebRezPro. Instructions on how to set up these codes are available in the Market & Source Codes training video, accessible from within WebRezPro. The ability to tag bookings coming through your channel manager with the original booking source makes it possible to see at a glance where online reservations are coming from to better inform future distribution decisions.
It’s all part of our mission to make daily hotel operations more efficient and cost-effective by automating tedious manual processes.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the SiteMinder interface or about using market and source codes to tag reservations coming through your channel manager interface.