Getting to Know WebRezPro: Location Module

Location Module

Hospitality technology of today must be flexible to adapt to the unique and evolving needs of modern accommodation. Not all properties are run the same way. WebRezPro property management system meets the diverse operational requirements of independent accommodation providers through flexible standard features and optional modules.
One such module is our Location Module. Designed for properties that offer units in defined sites or areas (like vacation rental companies managing rentals in separate buildings), or that provide a diverse range of accommodation styles (for example, campsites, cabins and motel rooms), the Location Module offers the ability to track revenue and availability by site or location, within the same system, providing a more transparent view of data.

Track Revenue by Location

Imagine a resort that hosts guests in motel rooms at $100 per night and campsites at $20 per night; it’s easy to see how RevPAR would appear misleading without the ability to track motel and campsite revenue and availability separately.
With WebRezPro’s Location Module, locations (such as “Building A” and “Building B” or “campground” and “motel”) are defined within the PMS, with units assigned to the appropriate location to allow for separate revenue tracking. The monthly report can be switched between showing stats for a single location only, or for the property as a whole (all locations). Custom reports can also be filtered by location.
But this is not the only benefit of the Location Module…

Organize Availability Calendars by Location

Availability and rate calendars can be organized by location, providing reservation agents with a clear and immediate picture of availability across sites to manage occupancy more effectively and efficiently.

Independent Booking Engines per Location

The Location Module even allows independent booking engines per location, as well as customized check-in and check-out receipts for each location — a useful feature for separately branded small properties that are run by the same owner and located in close proximity to each other.
Take, for example, a B&B owner that also runs a small inn a couple of blocks away. She often books customers at the other property depending on occupancy and customer requirements, and her customers can search availability online for just one property or across both. The Location Module allows her to run both properties from one system while maintaining each property’s distinct branding via separate booking engines and customized receipts.
Every property is unique. Unlike the rigid systems of the past, today’s hospitality management technology should adapt to the diverse operational requirements of independent properties — not the other way around. WebRezPro’s Location Module is one example of how our PMS caters to properties that function outside the typical hotel mold, equipping them with tools and data to support their goals. If your property manages units on separate sites, contact us to see our Location Module in action.