Keep it Simple: The Benefits of an All-in-One PMS

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Running a successful lodging operation involves staying on top of a lot of moving parts. From taking online bookings to managing reservations to overseeing on-site operations, the responsibilities of hoteliers are both immense and diverse. Hospitality technology has fortunately kept up and offers a variety of solutions for all aspects of hotel management. But it’s important to think critically about the options you choose. While there are a lot of excellent stand-alone systems out there, the inefficiencies and challenges that arise from trying to juggle too many at once can end up adding to your burden, not alleviating it. Avoid the pitfalls of using disparate systems by choosing one property management system that does it all. Here are four benefits you’ll surely reap:


Integrating multiple systems requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. And it’s not a one-off investment. Every time one of the systems is upgraded, there’s potential for new complications to arise. Even the act of troubleshooting these issues is further complicated by the involvement of so many parties. If two (or more) systems aren’t communicating properly you will likely have to deal with multiple support teams to resolve the problem. An all-in-one solution, on the other hand, minimizes the potential for issues and offers a simple, one-stop shop for support—should any complications arise.

Reduce Double/Overbooking

Using disparate systems to take bookings can cause some dangerous lag time when updating inventory. If you manually add a reservation to your PMS, and the inventory on your independent online booking engine hasn’t been updated, it’s incredibly easy to end up with double bookings. Obviously, as an independent property, that’s a tough problem to fix after the fact, and will probably result in some very dissatisfied customers. An all in one system minimizes the potential for these frustrating situations. Whether a reservation is entered manually or through the online booking engine, inventory is automatically updated system-wide.

Easier Reporting/Analysis

Do you want to spend hours compiling data from multiple sources? Do you even have the time? If your property uses a collection of standalone systems, assessing hotel performance can be a frustrating and time-consuming process (involving collating multiple reports and making adjustments for overlapping data). But with an all-in-one system, you can generate holistic reports at the click of a button. This can have huge effects on your property. Easy and accurate analysis means you can make informed decisions and implement changes quickly and with confidence.

Maintain Rate Parity with Ease

In a time where hotel inventory is sold on so many different platforms, rate parity is essential. Not only is it your legal obligation to offer the same rates across all distribution channels (if you’re dealing with OTAs), but it’s a practice that will maintain credibility in the eyes of potential customers. With a separate online booking engine, channel manager, and PMS, this can be a frustrating thing to stay on top of. Consider adopting a system that does all three so you never have to worry.
The hospitality technology that is now available for properties (of all size) is terrific. Tools like online booking engines, PMSs, and accounting systems will certainly help your business succeed and grow. But choosing which systems to implement can be incredibly overwhelming. There are a lot of options out there. When shopping for tech solutions remember to consider not just the performance of each system independently, but how they will function in conjunction with every other system you use.
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