Getting to Know WebRezPro: Key Reports

WRP Key Reports

While the thought of reporting may make many of us cringe, we all know that tracking hotel reservations, rooms and revenue is necessary for smooth and successful operation. Identifying and monitoring relevant data and key performance indicators (KPIs) equips lodging operators with the insight required to optimize property performance and revenue.

Many properties spend too much time manually gathering data and creating spreadsheets, but there’s a better way. Automated property management systems like WebRezPro track data in real time, providing access to a variety of operational and performance reports at the click of a button. That sure makes generating reports a lot easier (effortless, in fact), but what reports should be generated?

Because every property is different, WebRezPro property management system provides advanced reporting functionality to accommodate a wide range of reporting requirements. To serve as a starting point, we’ve outlined key daily and monthly reports that are used by WebRezPro customers to streamline operations and maximize revenue.

Front Desk

Front desk agents largely rely on reports that help with daily guest and room management.

Check-In and Check-Out Reports >> The Check-ins report shows a list of all arrivals for the day while the Check-outs report shows a list of all departures for the day, along with the reservation number, room assignment and status, dates of stay, guest contact information, rate type, and amount owing for every reservation. (The reports can also be set to include additional information as required.)

Check-in and check-out reports simplify guest and room management by allowing staff to easily identify room assignments and status, any reservations with unassigned rooms, no-shows and scheduled check-outs that did not depart.

Guest Ledger >> The Guest Ledger shows the account balances for all in-house guests (check-ins, check-outs and stay-throughs), allowing front desk staff to easily track payments owed by current guests.

The report lists all guests that are checking in, checking out or staying through on the current day (or other selected date), along with pertinent reservation information that includes amount paid and owing, remaining credit, and credit card authorization amounts for each reservation. This report also shows a list of all advance payments from non in-house guests, as well as a list of all outstanding invoices.

New Bookings Report >> The New Bookings report shows all new, unconfirmed bookings, making it easy for front desk staff to identify reservations that are awaiting confirmation. For properties that don’t automatically confirm direct online bookings, this is especially useful. Online reservations that are automatically confirmed will not appear on the New Bookings report.

WebRezPro’s New Bookings report also displays any active reservation alarms and reminders for the day.

Housekeeping Report >> The Housekeeping Report tracks all housekeeping responsibilities and makes it easy to manage housekeeping schedules and sections. It also keeps front desk staff informed about which rooms are clean and ready for guests.

The report shows arrival and departure status, stay-throughs, room housekeeping status (dirty or clean), guest requests and housekeeping notes for each room. The report can be organised and divided by housekeeper (housekeeping sections), and can be set to show all rooms or active rooms only (occupied rooms that require cleaning), only rooms with arrivals or stay-throughs, vacant rooms only, and more.


Reports that provide reservation, revenue, rate and occupancy data indicate the overall health of a property and are important for evaluating hotel operations and strategy.

Hotel Stats >> The Hotel Stats report provides an overview of how your business is doing, displaying statistics for the current (or other selected) date, month to date, and year to date. Occupancy rates, ADR (average daily rate), number of rentable rooms, RevPAR, total room revenue, etc. are tracked over the year and presented alongside the previous year’s numbers for comparison.

Monthly Report >> WebRezPro’s monthly booking report provides insights on reservation trends. The report collates revenue for all stays in a given month, organized by room type, by day, by market and source codes, by corporate account, and more. A pace report is also included, showing the rate at which room nights were sold over the course of the month, and for properties that use WebRezPro’s online booking engine on their website, the Monthly Report will also show booking engine statistics.

WebRezPro also includes a separate Custom Reservation Report that allows properties to sort and filter reservation data by advanced search parameters, allowing for more personalized reports for analysis purposes. Custom report templates can be saved so that parameters don’t have to be set each time.

Sales Report (Products & Services) >> The product and services sales report is useful for properties that charge for additional services and items, such as snacks and beverages, spa services, activities and parking fees. The sales report provides a breakdown and totals of all or specific product/service sales for a given time period, allowing management to analyse incidentals revenue separate from room revenue.


It’s important to track numbers for balancing daily transactions and staying on top of commissions and taxes.

Reconciliation Report >> The Daily Reconciliation Report is run at the end of the day to reconcile cash and credit accounts as part of the night audit. The report displays all transactions and check-outs for the day. When performing the night audit, the cash and credit account information on the reconciliation report is checked against the information in the credit card processor system, and all check-outs should be confirmed as paid in full or attached to a direct bill account.

Payments Owing >> The Payments Owing report is useful for keeping track of any unpaid or out-of-balance reservations. This report conveniently lists all reservations with an outstanding balance, whether it be a deposit or final payment due, or a customer credit.

Travel Agency Billing Report >> Properties that pay commissions to travel agencies run a travel agency billing report (usually on a monthly basis) that automatically calculates how much is owed to each agency. In WebRezPro, this report is generated using the Custom Reservation Report.

Tax Reports >> WebRezPro automatically tracks tax collected and features a flexible tax reporting function that makes it easy to keep track of tax breakdowns and what is owed to the city, state and/or country.

Trial Balance >> For properties that use an external accounting system, the Trial Balance report is used to produce totals for asset, liability, income and expense accounts for any time period, and can be exported to an excel spreadsheet.
WebRezPro automatically tracks and synchronizes data across operations in real time, greatly simplifying and speeding up the reporting process as well as improving accuracy, especially when compared to manual or separate data tracking methods. Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel and printed or emailed directly from the system.

A property management system that generates the reports you need — quickly and easily — is key to optimizing performance and revenue at your property.