Meet the New WebRezPro! Introducing Version 10.5.28

Introducing WebRezPro Software Version

We’re excited to announce that we are now rolling out the newest version of WebRezPro! Faster, smarter and better looking, WebRezPro v10.5.28 is designed to fit our clients’ evolving needs.

The modern new user interface features more intuitive navigation and offers an improved mobile experience. Functionality has been enhanced throughout the system and exciting new features added, for improved workflow, flexibility and data visibility.


A sleek new dashboard greets you upon logging in to your WebRezPro system, providing a snapshot of your business for the current day. Graphical representation of occupancy, ADR and RevPAR data for the week, and check-ins and check-outs for the day, gives users a clear overview of performance at a glance. The dashboard is conveniently accessible in a single click from the main navigation or shortcut menu at all times.

Faster check-ins

In addition to contactless check-in via the guest agreements feature, WebRezPro v10.5.28 streamlines the in-person check-in/out process too. Front desk agents can now check guests in or out directly from the daily check-ins/check-outs screens via a convenient pop-up that also allows users to quickly take a payment, assign a room and update vehicle information without having to open the reservation folio.

Improved group folios

The new-look group folios feature an improved layout and tab format that is easier to navigate and is mobile friendly. Adding existing reservations to a group folio is now much easier using a search pop-up that allows you to search for reservations by date and/or name, rather than requiring reservation confirmation numbers.

More custom reporting options

The custom reservation report now offers even more search filters—including new bookings, early check-outs with an extra night charged, gift certificates, and bookings with guest agreements—for greater flexibility and deeper insight.

A more powerful system search function

The system search function has been improved and extended for faster, more intuitive searches. Users can search for reservations by an increased number of ways—by name, confirmation number, room number, phone number, last 4 digits of credit card, or address—and can also search group folios, guest profiles, invoices and customers.

Efficiency, agility and operational visibility are key to running a successful lodging business—especially now. WebRezPro’s fresh modern look and new and improved features make managing daily operations more efficient, more effective and more enjoyable.

Ready to upgrade?

If your WebRezPro system meets the following requirements, you’re ready to upgrade! If not, the two simple steps below are easy to complete yourself.

>> All employee profiles must be attached to a security profile and have two-factor authentication (2FA) turned on to meet the security requirements of the new version.

>> You must be using a current version of the booking engine (either Parallel or Carousel) as the Classic booking engine is not compatible with v10.5.28.

For more information about upgrading, please see the Upgrading to v10.5.28 page in WebRezPro’s online user manual or reach out to your WebRezPro account executive.

If you’re not yet a WebRezPro client and would like to see a free, no-obligation demo, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!