WebRezPro’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017

Top 5

It’s been a big year of blogging here at WebRezPro. We’ve covered a wide range of topics—from digital marketing to hotel operations—aimed to support independent hoteliers. As 2017 comes to a close, we’d like to take a look back at the most popular posts of the past year.

Here are the top 5 blog posts from 2017 (listed in order by number of views):

1. Hospitality Technology Trends to Implement in 2017

Technology continues to change and improve operations for hoteliers. To remain relevant and maintain a competitive edge, it’s necessary to stay informed about (and be open to adopting) emerging technology trends. In this post, we highlighted a few of these trends to consider for 2017. The year is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed the boat. Everything we discussed back then holds true today. Take a look for more information on data consolidation, mobile PMS, direct bookings, mobile messaging and in-room technology. >> read blog post

2. 7 Smart Social Media Practices for Hotels in 2017

Social media has become a potent marketing tool. And its role will likely only continue to grow. Like any marketing platform, it’s only effective if you’re intentional about how it’s used. Simply having accounts and posting isn’t enough. This blog post highlights smart social media strategies to help hoteliers make the most of this power medium. >> read blog post

3. Essential Elements of a Hotel Website

The number of hours the average person spends on the internet each day continues to climb. People live online. That’s why all businesses should make their website a priority. It’s likely the first place people will go to learn about and engage with your brand, so it’s imperative to make a good impression. From content to functionality, this post breaks down the most critical elements of an effective website. Read on to make sure your business is maximizing the potential of your online presence. >> read blog post

4. Mobile Musts for Independent Hotels in 2017

As mentioned above, the average person spends a lot of their time online. With the ubiquity of smartphones, the majority of this is done from a mobile device. This transition from desktop to mobile browsing has both significant implications for your digital marketing strategies and exciting applications for your on-premise operations – both of which are are explored in this blog post. Have a look to make sure you’re not missing opportunities to improve your business or getting left behind in this mobile era. >> read blog post

5. Getting to Know WebRezPro: Housekeeping Report

A good housekeeping report is critical for running an efficient property. With numerous rooms and staff members, delegating and communicating can be challenging to manage. But a report with interactive capabilities, real-time information, and mobile accessibility makes it easy. This post describes WebRezPro’s housekeeping report and how it supports our clients’ operations. >> read blog post

What an exciting year! Succeeding in the hospitality industry requires reconciling timeless fundamental principles (like providing excellent customer service) with ever-evolving trends in communication and technology. It’s a lot to stay on top of, but that’s what makes it fun! We look forward to another year of learning, blogging about, and helping independent hoteliers keep their finger on the pulse of this dynamic industry. Until then, have a wonderful holiday season!