3 Ways Cloud Hotel Management Software Attracts New Guests

Attracting New Customers

Designed to automate processes, cloud property management systems (PMS) are key to streamlining daily operations and customer service that results in satisfied guests and repeat business. Most lodging operators understand how the level of efficiency and personalized service facilitated by a cloud PMS helps turn first-time guests into loyal customers — but it’s also important to understand how a cloud PMS helps bring those first-timers through your door.

Expanded Reach

Approximately 80% of travelers turn to the Internet when planning their trips, visiting 38 sites on average before booking, so it’s crucial for hotels to be visible online where potential guests are looking.
When it comes to expanding and managing online distribution, cloud PMS give lodging operators an advantage through direct integration with channel managers or OTA partners. Direct connectivity between the PMS and OTA channels or a channel manager not only puts a property in front of travelers all over the world, but also ensures that rates and availability are up to date across all channels to maximize occupancy and reduce overbookings.
Integrated distribution is key to expanding the visibility and accessibility of your property — and saves lodging operators a lot of time and hassle managing inventory and reservations.

Direct Accessibility

In today’s online-oriented world, hotels need to be accessible for booking wherever their customers are. In addition to putting a property’s live rates and availability in front of travel consumers around the world through integrated distribution channels, cloud PMS also provide direct online booking functionality through a property’s own website.
According to Google survey, 52% of travelers will visit a hotel’s website after seeing them on an OTA, so offering direct online bookings is key to increasing conversions. The easier your direct online booking engine is to use, the higher your conversion rate will be. Features like photo slideshows and upselling/cross-selling options will help your property stand out to prospective guests.
Lodging operators should look for a cloud PMS that offers a mobile-friendly direct online booking engine since more than half of travelers who book travel online now do so via a mobile device.

Generates Demand

Cloud PMS play a fundamental role in generating demand through rate and revenue management and by helping to identify target audiences for marketing purposes.
Rate and Revenue Management:
Price is a major influence on many travelers, so attracting new customers depends a lot on setting rates competitively. Cloud property management systems include flexible rate management features (like quick overrides, rate reports, day-of-week pricing and packages) that allow properties to create and sell the right rates and packages at the right time to the right customers. When integrated with an automated revenue management system, cloud PMS help power dynamic pricing strategies based not only on a property’s historical pricing and occupancy data, but also on market and competitor analysis.
Targeted Marketing:
Successful marketing efforts rely on PMS data — particularly guest profile data. Guest data helps properties identify their most profitable customer segments and design more effective marketing strategies targeted at lookalike audiences.  Cloud PMS make it easy for lodging operators to access and make sense of the data that informs pricing and package setup, advertising campaigns and content marketing efforts that successfully attract new customers.
Cloud PMS are well known for the part they play in building customer loyalty by taking operational efficiency and guest service to the next level. But, according to many of our customers, even more beneficial is the integral role cloud PMS play in acquiring new customers through automated distribution, direct online bookings and data transparency. To learn more about how a cloud PMS can help your property win customers, drop us a line.