The Real-World Advantages of a Mobile PMS

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With so much talk about the world “going mobile” it might be tempting to write it off as just another fad… only it’s not. The ability to find information, shop and be entertained on-the-go is a convenience most of us have quickly come to take for granted.
In the world of travel, we expect to be able to research, book and share travel experiences in the moment via our mobile devices. Google has coined these intent-driven mobile interactions micro-moments and they are so important to hotel and travel marketing strategy today.
But mobile technology is not only applicable to marketing and sales, or guest-facing apps; hotel management software that can be accessed from tablets or even smartphones offers very practical advantages on the operational side of a lodging business too.
Designed to automate and integrate daily operations across departments, cloud property management systems (PMS) have broken down data silos and streamlined operations for independent lodging operators. But a cloud PMS that is optimized for mobile devices equips lodging operators with an even more powerful tool to drive revenue. A mobile PMS unchains hotel staff from the front desk and back office, improving efficiency and guest service.
“Anywhere access is very helpful for me when problem solving issues that arise when I am not at the campground.” – Samm Rae, Calaway Park RV Park & Campground


Gone are the days (or long nights) spent in the back office poring over numbers. With a mobile-optimized PMS, real-time performance and operational reports can be easily and clearly viewed on a tablet device from anywhere at any time… be it an airport, a coffee shop or home.
The ability to access numbers on-the-go boosts efficiency and competitiveness, especially when urgent marketing, pricing and operational decisions are demanded. And the simple convenience of being able to review business performance at leisure from the comfort of home is not a convenience to be taken lightly either.
Real-time access to reporting features is key to managing any property from off-site.

Rate Management

Just as accessing performance and operational reports remotely can help with time-critical decisions, the ability to adjust or override rates and inventory in response to consumer demand and market conditions, in real-time, from anywhere, can also give lodging operators a significant advantage over competitors.
“I can work with my revenue manager who is based six hours away with total ease.” – Randy Pack, Smithfield Station

Housekeeping Reports

Mobile housekeeping reports are one of the most-appreciated advantages of a mobile PMS among lodging operators.
Mobile housekeeping reports give individual housekeepers direct access to their housekeeping schedules via their tablet or smartphone as they work. They can update room status in real time and enter notes and maintenance requests directly into the PMS from their mobile device, giving front desk staff up-to-the-minute knowledge of which rooms are ready for new guests.
Mobile accessibility allows housekeeping status and requests to be logged and attended to in a timelier manner, resulting in a more efficient workflow and more satisfied guests.

Paperless Check-in

Electronic signature capture supports a paperless check-in process by allowing guests to sign registration cards or check-in receipts digitally on a tablet or smartphone screen. Guest photo identification (like a driver’s license) can also be captured using the mobile device’s built-in camera and digitally attached to the reservation folio.
Paperless check-in allows staff to come out from behind the front desk to greet and register guests in a more welcoming way. When numerous guests are queuing to check in at the front desk, additional staff armed with tablets can attend to guests in the lobby to reduce wait times.
From hotels to vacation rentals to campgrounds, paperless check-in makes the check-in process more efficient and personable for both staff and guests.
“WebRezPro’s electronic signature capture feature has so many amazing benefits. First of all, check-ins are much quicker. Secondly, guests really like it… it’s something they’ve never seen before, and it makes a great first impression. From an operational perspective, being able to digitalize our registration cards allows us to be so much more efficient. Searching for past registration cards — something that used to take five to ten minutes — now literally takes seconds. Electronic signature capture also means we are using much less paper now. This is a huge cost savings. And last but certainly not least; this one new change might have the single greatest environmental impact of any change we’ve ever made.” – Jim Copus, Montecito Inn

Guest and Reservation Data

The ability to review and capture guest and reservation data on-the-go helps staff know and serve guests better.
Armed with a tablet while interacting with guests — whether in the hall, by the pool or in the dining room — hotel staff have instant access to guest folios, allowing them to look up reservation details and enter guest requests directly in the PMS for more prompt and personalized service, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
A mobile PMS allows lodging operators to check availability and make and monitor reservations from anywhere, ensuring business is never lost, even when seasonal properties are closed and lodging operators are out of the office.
“When we are on the road for sales trips, we are able to instantly check availability for potential guests or clients.” – Edoardo Rossi, Dunton Hot Springs
The ability to securely access PMS data on-the-go gives hotel staff and lodging operators the flexibility get out from behind the front desk to provide more efficient, personalized guest service, make timelier, well-informed business decisions, and essentially run their property from anywhere.
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